Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Smart little Goobey

So I thought I should write this down before I forget. Yesterday morning after getting our oldest on the school bus we had several errands to run. On the road Goobey asks" where are we going?" in a very irritated voice. I respond with " to the moon". He looks up and says "we need a rocket ship to go to the moon mommy". He was very serious when he said this. I thought it was too cute.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dads Christmas present

This last Saturday my hubby had to work so I thought it would be a good opportunity to take the kids Christmas shopping for him. So at 7:15am we head out to Walmart to look for the perfect present.
While we were walking in to the store I remind them that we are looking for Dads present. Gooby proceeds to say he wants to get dad a light saber. I explain that dad doesn't want a light saber and we need to find something that he likes. While we are in the toy department looking around Gooby then decides he wants to get him a Star Wars Lego ship. I tell him again that we are looking for something for dad.
So off we go to the movie and game section. After repeating for about the 100th time that he wants to get daddy a Star Wars Lego ship I tell him firmly no. Open the flood gates to tears and sobbing. You would of thought I told him Santa wasn't real. So there in Walmarts movie department I hug him and tell him that daddy doesn't want a ship and that we need to think of someone else besides our selves.
It really hard to teach little ones not to be selfish. Tis the season!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My 4 year olds ideal present for me

So the other day Gooby says to me" Do I get to get you a present for Christmas?" I tell him sure and right before I tell him some ideas he continues with his thought" Do you like Princess Leia? Oh good I am going to get you something with Princess Leia maybe a Star Wars movie with it. Oh yea that will be a good present".
So I just smile and laugh inside and pray to Santa not to bring ME any more fricken Star Wars stuff. It's OK for my kiddos but I am good thanks.

My 6 year olds ideal present for me

Let me preface this post with this: my six year old is WAY too much like me.
So a few weeks ago my sweet little six year old says to me"Mom, I know what I am going to ask Santa to get you for Christmas, a robot to do the laundry, clean the house and make breakfast ON TIME". I laugh and tell him, "Hunny that is called a maid and Santa can't afford a maid for our house". I think he had good intentions. Maybe if I am really good this year Santa will bring me a maid. Or according to my husband really naughty, ha, ha.

Sweet Little Vicks

So my sweet little 6 month old is officially crawling and sitting up. She has been pulling herself around for the last 6 weeks but she is officically onto crawling. We looked over at her the other day and she was sitting up. The time has flown by. I can't believe she is already crawling and she is eating pretty well too. Now only if I can get her to stay in her bed at night. Since our trip she has ended up in our bed every night except one. I am too lazy to rock her in the loft so I just hold her in our nice warm bed. The only problem with this is I wake up grouchier than ever and that doesn't work to well with my first grader. So some tough love was had today at nap time and she got to figure going to sleep all by herself. Hopefully tonight will be better.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Utah here we come

Today we leave for Utah to my oldest sisters house for Thanksgiving. Yesterday at Walmart I spent $80 on treats and toys for the kids for the long drive up. I am very excited because my sister who lives in Virginia is coming with her little boy and my brother will also be there. I love going to my sisters house. It is so relaxing and all of our kids get along, well at least most of them.

My sister's youngest is Goobeys age. When I visited for two weeks in September they didn't get along. Goobey tends to cry about everything and her youngest likes to hear him cry. Although they did finally start to like each other at the end. We caught them riding the snow sled down the basement stairs. It was quite funny to watch.

So we will see what funny stories I have to offer after this trip. We have lots of exciting things planned so I should get some good material.

Sweet little Vicks

My sweet little Vicks is now 5 months old. I can't believe how fast this has gone by. She is rolling and army crawling all over the place. I just love how much joy and laughter she brings into our home. About a two months ago she started growling at us. I mean like a dead animal sound or a jaguar meets a moose growl. We would growl and she would growl back. I guess that should be expected with two older brothers growling at you EVERY time they see you.

One afternoon we were at my sister in laws letting the kiddos play in the back yard so we would have some peace. It was a beautiful afternoon so she had the door open and her dog was kind of hanging out by it. We were casually talking about life when she says " What is that noise?" I didn't know what she was talking about so we continued to talk. Then she says" there it is again, is that Molly( their dog)"? I start to laugh and proclaim like a proud mother that it is my sweet little V.

My sister in law starts to laugh so hard I thought she was going to bust a gut. After the laughter dies down she states" I have never heard anything like that before". So my sweet little V, making a name for yourself already. Hopefully you don't follow in Goobeys foot steps.